Monday, January 17, 2011

Artic Mermaid

Here's a sketch for a new illustration. I'm not sure to make this a promo or not for next month since there's more occasions to make a specific promos for like the Lunar New Years or the wonderful Hallmark holiday of Valentine's Day.


I just realized how busy I was last year with how little I posted and how long since I last posted. Here are some old illustrations of mine I was able to dig up and they're personal work I'm not too embarrassed to show. I was starting to work more exclusively with vectors then though I still had a long ways to go with colour, stylization and everything else. The bottom drawing was an idea for a medieval alphabet book that never took off. The knight is a lowercase "d". I guess in theory, I should have linked up things to their respective first letter, but I didn't. I had "e" for witch and "a" for an ogre.