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The Hive Playing Cards

We finally got the finished sample deck of The Hive in. It's look really amazing and I can't to finally have the deck in my hand. The colours, embossing, foil and everything turned out way better than I could ever imagine. It's been exciting process to create something so complex and functional from start to finish. There was a lot of work involved from designing the court cards (which was honestly really easy) to font choices, pip design, back design and honestly the box had so much stuff that needed to be created for it. It gives me a new appreciation for how much work goes into designing a deck of playing cards. Photos are courtesy of Jackson Robinson of Kings Wild Project.

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62/100 & 63/100

It's kind of crazy to imagine that I'm half way through the 100 drawings. I will have to admit the challenge of it is thinking up of ideas to keep it amusing for myself to draw. I'm kind of surprised I haven't thought of toy versions of me yet. I will admit that I wish I had these blind box versions of me, partly 'cause I'm not sure what else would be in these blind box series.

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