Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chinese Dress ... finished

I'm almost finished ... just have to add the texture to the background which is going to take an hour or two. I seriously need to find a quicker way to do this, but it's looking really good so far.

EDIT: finished ....

EDIT2: I looked the sketch and thought it looked cool just with the lines so I thought i'd have just white and red and the texture.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chinese Dress

I just wanted to draw a Chinese dress ... I know the name of it, but I'm too lazy to try to spend it phonetically. As someone pointed out, it works well in red and I'll hopefully keep that kind of pallette when I re-do this in illustrator.

EDIT: I've added the rough linework of the Illustrator version. I'm hoping to finish it before the end of this coming week. I'm going to try doing the hatching completely freehand (ie. without copying and pasting the lines which felt like they were taking forever that way).

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Winter Girl aka Girl with Coat in Colour

So I ended up finishing this illustration over doing school work .... probably not the smartest of things, but I need a break to do what I wanted. It's odd that I'm sorta sick of the image after working on it straight from yesternight to tonite. Oh well, I'm sure I'll appreciate it after a rest. I like how it turned out, but I'm not sure if the background hatching works well hence why I dropped the opacity on it. Looking at it, the scene one feels more successful as an illustration over the monochrome. I'll probably have to take the monochrome into photoshop to give it some finishing touches.

God of Modern Medicine

Here are the next roughs for my thesis. I'm still not sure about Osiris yet so I won't be posting that yet. Here's the God of Modern Medicine. I sorta like him dark and creepy. The concept is him standing there in a room filled with pill containers with people trapped inside as drugged up worshippers or what not. I find that there's a pseudo-social commentary going on that's not really intentional ... well not specifically intentional I guess though it could be my unconscious speaking through.

Girl with Coat

Just working on digital again though I'm trying to find a way to bring in the textures like I'm doing with the pen though I won't be using live trace. I just can't stand that feature for some odd reason; maybe I'm just a bit old school in that regards like anyone that'll argue about polygom lasso and magnetic lasso in Photoshop. Anyways ... outside of the realm of the technicals, the top is the original ink drawing and the bottom is the Illustrator version of it. I'm hoping to have it finished by Monday, but with everything I have to do I doubt it.

EDIT: Added a really rough colour version that I was testing things out with. The stimpling is working better than I thought as long as I dont use true black on it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


So I had to basically re-do both illustration from scratch. I honestly have to start getting these textures digitized and work on everything digitally or scan the line art and get a good printer to print it again on watercolour paper. It's too much work. Oh well, there's still things I want to fix on these two, but considering I've been working on them endlessly since who knows how long I'm going to stop for now. These are what I'm going to present for the "mega-crit" .... I love new art and design words; they're always so special.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Train God - colour

I'm starting to work on the colour for the Train God. It's going to be a lot of work.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


So I'm finally finished Buddha begging on the subway. Less inking involved, but still bigger than normal for me. 11" x 17" live area with 1/2" bleed all around. I'm really liking the textures I'm getting. And oh yeah, I've got my own "seal"/digital signature. My name bastardized into pseudo Chinese letters. I can almost hear all the Illuminati artist rolling in their graves 'cause of me. I should almost feel proud *laughs*

Train God - Final Ink

It took about 5 days of work, but I'm finally done. There's mistakes here and there, but I find I always make those with illustrations and sometimes it's nice that way though it could be a justification. But oh well. This is too huge for me to want to do another ink version of it ... at least not without shortcuts. I've included close-up photos though two are sorta blurry. I've got to learn to take good photos one day. For anyone wondering why the edges are kinda sloppy, that's cause I got tired and didn't want to ink all the way to the edge. I've got an inch bleed all around and that's more than enough since it's normally 1/4 to 1/2 inch bleed instead. And yes, the white ring is intentionall, it's meant as a secondary "glow"/"halo" effect for the god. I've still got to colour this and that will hopefully be quickly which I'm sure it is with watercolours 'cause nothing can take longer than all those hatching.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

for now ...

I'm almost done the inking ... the last part is taking almost forever. There's just so much white space compared to the other places so I've started to section things off which has given me some odd abstract things or maybe I'm starting to see things? I might try to do this on a sheet for paper for fun and do some small doodles/spot illustrations in the abstract spaces created.

.... to be continued ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another day

... and some more progress. More pictures tomorrow as I hopefully get most of it done ... at least the hatching anyways, which feels like it's going to take forever to get done and it might. I've got that huge section left which I think is like almost the size of the rest of the hatched ray-shadow area combined. I think I might have to darken and thicken some of the really thin lines, but I'm not too sure about that. Oh yeah, the last too photos area bit blurry but I'm too tired to re-take them. More pictures tomorrow as I hopefully get more done.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Girl Smoking

Another sketch over the weekend (I think...). I screwed up on the hands so I might re-draw this eventually, but I like the rest of it. The textures and things are pretty cool.

further progress ....

I swear, it feels like it's never going to be done. Another photo of the work I got done today with close up of two areas.

In Progress ....

This is turning out to be huge ... well, huger than I normally work with. It's 13" x 27" with 1" bleed all around. I think the hatching and the inking is going to take me forever.

More technical studies for the train illustration.

Here's the rough for the scene for Buddha. If it's approved, I'll be enlarging that to probably somewhere in the size of 11" x 17" ... hopefully nothing too big yet again.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


So I wanted to draw something musical ....

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gods (cont)

Here's some more roughs (ink and watercolours) for my thesis project.

I still don't have a proper composition for him yet, but I have one in my mind so I guess once I draw it out, it should all work out ... hopefully. The blanket's looking nice, but I guess I'm going to have unknot that knot so he doesn't look like super hero Buddha.

Sometimes I just hate my scanner since it picks up textures whenever I dont want it to and it doesn't when I want it to. I swear it laughs at me at night when I'm not looking or maybe it's doing it now. OH well.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


One more post just for a bonus, I guess. This is a poker game between a knight and a dragon over a princess. I thought it'd be a fun way for the two to deal it out, ya know. I've got to get around to finishing this one day plus the other game illustration I thought of.

Keep waiting for more.


I guess since I mentioned my 4th year Illustration Thesis, I should post some stuff for it. I'm doing the re-imaginging of old gods and new gods (ie. Zeus as an old god and the god of Trains as the new one). I got inspired from the novel American God by Neil Gaiman, who's an amazing author by the way and I really wish there was more novels by him so I can continue to read his works. Here's the roughs for Buddha and the God of Trains (who I still have to name).

.... and yes, he's building the railway from people and that wasn't meant to be a social comment on the railways of the past though I guess it sort of turned out that way.

Buddha is suppose to begging on the subway though I stil have to figure out a way to draw that.


I'm not dead after all ... just very lazy with posting of stuff since school started again. 4th is turning out to be tiring even with those four dayweekends every week. There's just so much to do and thesis is just taking so much out of me. OH well! Back to posting good looking stuff.

Here's the finished version of the toy soldier. I finished it in August, but didn't get a chance to post it yet. I liked how it turned out. I might want to try this again with only black and white with hatching instead ...

Here's the 2nd one in the toy series, I guess. The original idea came when I wanted to draw a princess, wearing the armor of the knight sent to rescue her, stepping on the defeated dragon. Anyways, long story short as one of my prof says, I didn't get around to finishing that princess picture, but drew this instead. I'm sorta picturing a tomboy princess having this in the medieval days.